Liner Installations

Liner Installations

With use over the years chimneys can develop leaks which can allow dangerous fumes to enter the living space which can be harmful to the house occupier. A faulty chimney can also cause issues with the appliance meaning it may not function as intended.

A chimney liner is a metal tube that is inserted into the chimney allowing the fumes to flow up and out of the top of the chimney. They come in various sizes to suit any fuel burning appliance and different grades of metals with some having 20 year guarantees. We can supply and install any type of chimney liner.

Reasons for lining.

1) Flue leaking smoke & fumes into other rooms.

2) Condensates or tar seeping through the chimney (common with wood burning stoves).

3) The flue is too large for the type of fire/appliance being used.

4) Flue is too cold and not drawing properly (often against outside walls).

5) Chimney built since 1965, clay liners installed incorrectly (a common problem).

6) Old flue is eroded causing frictional resistance to the flow of gases causing poor up draught.